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Madeleine Chen

Founder & Counselor

With a deep-rooted passion for dance and music, I have proudly earned the title of a 3-time YAGP World Finalist in Dance. Through my own journey of consistency and personal growth, I have learned the significance of taking small, realistic steps towards achieving goals and empowering others along the way, inspired by the mentors who have guided me. In 2020, I founded the 501©3 organization, Visions for Confidence, raising over $33,000 and providing $10,000 in scholarships to students worldwide who aspire to make a positive impact through their passions. This is why I established Rise Up Consultants - to empower talented, passionate, and driven students like you to unleash their full potential and accomplish their goals. It all begins with that very first step!

Macy Li

Marketing Director & Counselor

As the founder and president of the nonprofit organization CITA (Community Impact Through Art), our primary objective is to illuminate and unite our local community through the transformative power of creative expression. With an expanding network of 8+ chapters throughout the region, we have organized numerous service events focused on uplifting communities such as children with disabilities, the elderly, and homeless shelters. In addition to my involvement with CITA, I proudly hold the position of State Vice President for Texas DECA and serve as the president of my school's Girls Who Code chapter. On a personal note, I have a profound love for travel and exploring new cuisines at various restaurants. My key advice for success is to embrace your passions wholeheartedly and believe in yourself and your endeavors. Every individual possesses the capacity to make a positive impact on the world, fueled by motivation and unwavering determination. Never hesitate to take that first step in making a difference and trust in your abilities before even attempting. I am genuinely enthusiastic about collaborating with and getting to know remarkable individuals, and I am thrilled to embark on this new venture together.

Katie Chou


One of my most significant achievements is co-founding Politics For Teens, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization aimed at fostering understanding and bridging the political divide by providing high school students with education on diverse perspectives. Our work has garnered recognition, including features in the Dallas Morning News, and we are on track to expand to over 50 chapters worldwide by the end of this year. Writing holds a special place in my heart, as evidenced by my role as the Editor-in-Chief of my school's newspaper, my involvement with the esteemed Kenyon Review, and my leadership in a Gun Violence Prevention group. In addition, I initiated Belongings Through Generations, an undertaking that involves interviewing and documenting captivating stories passed down through cherished objects. These projects, which began from humble beginnings, have achieved results that once seemed beyond imagination. Now, I am here to assist you in achieving similar accomplishments. With my expertise in creative direction, writing, and project planning, I am confident that together we can create something truly exceptional and filled with passion for your endeavor.

Hello! My name is Jacklyn Wang, and I am a senior at Harvard-Westlake. I was born in Canada, but have spent my middle school years in China and just recently moved to the United States. At my school, I am the leader of the Circle of Women Club, where we promote educational opportunities for women in underserved communities around the world. I also have a leadership role in the Economics club. I have a very wide range of hobbies that many would consider to be a weird mix. I have a special passion for environmental conservation. I am the founder and co-leader of the Green Scholars foundation, and I am currently working with the lead marine biologist at the Charles Darwin Foundation. I also proudly serve as the Director of International affairs for Visions for Confidence, where I started the Galapagos chapter, and am continuing to expand the organization internationally. In my free time, I play the trumpet, make ice cream, read (a lot), debate, but I am infatuated with anything that is adrenaline based and related to nature. Outside of school, I love to involve myself in my community, and I volunteer at my neighborhood council. I cannot wait to meet all of you guys!

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